A Reaction Paper Guide

It’s a paper that requires your input on a given topic. It is not a must you agree with what other writers have written about the topic. What matters is your personal view of things in the discussion. Have free and divergent ideas as you wish. Bring on board to your audience your conclusion about the subject in question.

Writing this paper

Your writing, analyzing, and research skills are the vital pillars of this paper. Your aim isn’t to concentrate on showcasing your prowess on how you can deliver your concept. Use these required skills well to have a perfect reaction paper for your tutor.

Parts of a reaction paper

You have to create a rough draft outline to follow while writing a final draft. The paper, like other written works, has three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion.

  • Introduction

It’s the most relevant part of the paper. It’s where you connect with readers. An introduction ought to be short and precise to the subject of discussion. Make it interesting for the audience to go through it to the end. A thesis statement should be brief and on point. Always refer to them when writing your paper. Introduce a brief description of the writer and the particular topic in question. Under the introduction, it allowed for one to have a direct quote from the real source.

  • Body

Real writing comes here. Insights and ideas aided with facts should be upheld. Make references from trusted sources. Ensure you play within the scope of the theme from the start. You are free to add information but ensure it is within the scope of the theme that you are discussing. Opinions should come out clear to show your stand.

  • Conclusion

All papers have a conclusion part. It’s a section you give a summary of your arguments. It has to be clear and tied to what you have been discussing in the thesis. Don’t bring in new ideas that were not tackled in the paper from the start.

Guiding facts in writing the paper

Concentrate on getting all the vital information that will be useful in the writing. Read wide and extensive about the source for you to be in line with it. Make use of divergent sources to offer support to your onions.

Write down all relevant ideas for the topic. They will assist in staying focused and have it easy to plan the paper.

Describe your view. It has to be in a sentence then built other sentences to offer to support it.

Reaction paper mistakes to check

  1. Don’t write a summary of the exact source. Study and read wide and in-depth about the original paper. Build your perspective on the topic of discussion.
  2. Make good use of examples and ensure that they align with the topic in question.
  3. Remember, it is your input that matters a lot. Don’t fear to disagree with the original author.

Up to now, you will realize that this paper isn’t an easy one to write. Be prepared for the challenge at hand. Understand what your tutor wants. Use the tutor’s guidelines in writing the assignment. Ensure you get clear the source content and analyze it well. Make your conclusion and write down your main point of argumentation. Having them down will make it easy to write the final script of the paper. After writing, carry out cross-checks for grammatical mistakes and choice of words. Before submitting any assignment, it requires thorough proofreading.

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