How Many Words Are on a Page?

When you write two thousand words, you will end up with eight pages if you double space. Check this scenario here. You are writing a gourmet food blog review. You have written a research paper before using the MLA format and thesis statement. You need to make sure that you convince readers that they should try a new restaurant review. Write 2,000 words to do this. Your blog editor needs the work to have the Microsoft word document formatting. It should be double-spaced. How many pages will you write?

For you to know the pages needed, you need first to select a specific font. The commonly used font is Times New Roman or Arial font, with a font size of 12 point. It’s a standard and easy-to-read font. Many readers will always opt for classic fonts. You can test your limits using more exotic fonts like Verdana or Calibri. Be keen not to select a font that is hard to read. In many circumstances, blogs publish reviews using their own preferred standard font. It makes your choice to be temporary.

Do you know fonts accept submissions below a specific word count? Make your review to have 2000 words or less. Depending on your selected line spacing, the 2000 words will take a different number of pages. The extensive spacing will result in more pages than the small line spacing on a page. For example, when you write 2000 words using double line spacing, a review will take eight pages. If the editor wanted a single line spacing review, then the number of pages would be 12.

The review content available affects the number of pages used. You will have many pages if you use many words in a review, for example, reconstituted and marinated. They make a 2000-word article to fill more pages. You can alter the number of pages by changing the font type. You will achieve this if you deviate from the standard 1-inch margins. You are not in high school doing a term paper, so you have vast freedom to manipulate this writing. You need to be creative to add more line breaks, subheadings, and block quotes to create emphasis. Remember that any fancy formatting elements will increase the length of your writing. Therefore, they will increase the number of pages. For this reason, it might be hard to give an exact answer on the precise number of pages to write 2000 words.

The good thing is that most of these word processors have word counters. You will check the total number of words and characters used in a single document that you write. If you are doing a publication, ask for recommendations. Most magazines have unique requirements for word count, font size, and font type. You have to give a document the correct setting before printing or publication.

Blog editors’ instructions will provide the specific font, character count, and page numbers.


The approximate number is eight pages if you use an Arial or New Times Roman with a single line space. In general, the number of pages depends on the document’s font type, size, and line spacing.

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