Total Guide on How to Write a Term Paper

A term paper outline

The term paper outline is a reliable compass to guide you in the writing process. In an outline, you arrange the key points you will use in discussing your term paper. An outline will make you stick and focus on the critical issues in the paper. Some tutors or instructors will request the submission of the outline for approval. You submit before writing the term paper itself. They check the way students develop their thesis and then suggest the changes needed. You are free to restructure your outline when you encounter new ideas or materials in the term paper. Don’t be in a hurry to write a term paper. Write the topic and evaluate the materials found. You need to subdivide the essential materials into groups, then name them. They will act as headings and subheadings in your outline.

What’s a term paper?

It’s a research-based writing homework that students submit to their respective teachers. The submission happens when the academic terms end. As a student, you try to give an explicit discussion on the assigned topic. The topics might range from case studies, event descriptions, arguments, or concepts. You must make sure that your paper is unique as it has to be plagiarism-free.

Average term papers take a few pages in length but not an exact number of pages. Your term paper length will depend on your teachers’ instructions.

The commonly accepted size is 5000 words. You use a single line spacing, 12-point font, single column, and a 1-inch margin, and it should take around 15 pages.

Few ideas exist which you can use in crafting a good writing piece. The first step is to prepare for long research hours. It would help if you carried out detailed research before writing any term paper. Don’t make the mistake that most students make of writing even before proper research. It’s a rookie mistake. The study will increase your writing phase and make it fluent. Researching about the topic gives you a better approach to how to tackle it.

Outline the writing

When you outline your research before writing, you will get a sense of control. You will have the adequate time needed to finish the entire term paper. An outline will give you a smooth reading experience because everything will be in chronological order.

  • Create a compelling introduction.

If your opening is perfect, the reader will develop more interest in going through your work. You will get favor and score good grades. If the introduction is not good and catchy, your audience may overlook the body. They will give average feedback. It will affect your general score in the term paper. It would help if you avoided fluff words in your work as they are attention killers. In formal academic paper writing, a reader seeks constructive information in the script. You need to be straight to the point in your writing.

  • Use the ROCC conclusion method.

Conclusion and introduction are all critical. The best way to write a reasonable conclusion is using the ROCC method.

  • Use a good citation style to make the paper impressive.

The MLA or APA formats are suitable for the club. Don’t mix the two to avoid your work being shoddy. After writing, make sure you proofread your work before the presentation.


With determination and focus, you can produce great term papers on your own. Don’t neglect a term paper as it affects your overall score for the term.

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