Global Warming

Global Warming is the average rise in temperature of the Earth’s climate. Scientist and geologists have found that Earth’s temperature has risen tremendously over the last couple of centuries. This is due to the human utilization of products and the making of those products which produce heat-trapping gases, increasing the temperature of the planet, melting polar caps, which adds on to the sea-level, distorting the natural distribution of flora and fauna. Climate scientists have predicted a rise global average temperature between 1.4 and 5.8 degree Celsius.

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What causes Global Warming?
Climate change, by itself can occur over time but permanence of such a phenomenon is responsible for external forcings, in other words, human activities. External forcings can result in increased concentration of greenhouse gases causing to trap heat and increase earth’s temperature, changes in orbital position of the earth, volcanoes and earthquakes and so on.

The Greenhouse Effect is one of the foremost causes of global warming. This is caused by the increased concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which traps the sun’s radiation. The major greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, ozone, methane, water vapor. Industrialization and urbanization have contributed to the increase of these gases. NASA have recorded an increase of 36% in the levels of CO2 and 148% in that of methane over the past 4 decades, which from the time of the Industrial Revolution.

Burning of fossil fuels and in deodorants and room fresheners give rise to aerosol. These are also produced during a volcanic eruption. These particles reflect the sun’s radiation thereby putting a reduction on the amount of light reaching the Earth from the sun. Emissions of CFCs (Chlorfluorocarbons), which are chemicals used for refrigeration, also deplete the ozone layer of the Earth’s atmosphere, leaving the Earth bare to harmful radiation.

What are people doing?
Several global and national laws have been put in action in order to cut down of harmful emissions from Earth; to control the burning of fossil fuels; deforestation. A critical problem is the burgeoning population and more population mean more space, more consumption, more energy, more wastes and more pollution. Something as essential as literacy, education have not yet reached most of the places on this planet but the latest consumer goods and gizmos. People are being lured into spending more and indulging more and so effectively that they barely pay a dime to what it costs the planet.

Writing on global warming?
There are no words or proper expression to assert the enormity of a problem like global warming. There are numerous articles and pages and journals that give daily updates on global problems, statistics. It is to be remembered that while writing on global warming, one must not make it too general. “Burning fossil fuels causes pollution”, it is nothing new. People need to see the grave details, statistic report, graphs, indexes, things that will make them realize the grave calamity that might befall the blue planet if people just go on their way.

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